Why Blog?

Let me make myself perfectly clear.  I blog when I have to, but don’t really understand the value of blogging.  As an author, I’ve been told that having a blog is a good way of building readership.  I don’t read many blogs; would rather spend the time reading a book.  And that includes the blogs of my favorite authors.  I’m the member of a couple of group blogs (www.writingsluts.com and www.ninc.com ), but it’s always a struggle trying to think what to write.

My cousin Colleen has a personal blog which my dad thinks is a hoot.  I don’t even know how to get to it, much less read it.  I know people who say they “socialize” through their blogs with friend and family.  Me?  I’d rather talk, face to face, over a cup of coffee.  And for those to far away, I’m “tech” enough to like email, but, again, it’s more one on one than a blog.

I think a blog is perfect for someone like Erma Bombeck.  For those of you too young to know who Erma was, she started writing a weekly column with her local newspaper.  She didn’t cover world events or even her city’s political scene.  She wrote about her life as a suburban housewife and mother.  Eventually, she was syndicated in hundreds of papers.  And funny?!  She used to write about labeling the cobwebs in her living room corners as the children’s science fair projects so she wouldn’t have to dust.  Or how she painted a target inside her toilet so she could train her boys how to aim right.

So, with a thought Erma’s as my inspiration, that’s probably how my blog is going to go.  Mostly absurd, sometimes serious, and hopefully with a touch of humor.  So stay tuned; I have no idea where I’m going to ramble, but you’re welcomed to come along.


3 Responses to Why Blog?

  1. Jackie,
    I love your ramblings! You’re a hoot! Thinking of what to say stumps me at times. 🙂

  2. Marilyn says:

    You’re always entertaining, Jackie. Just think of blogging as a virtual sit-down with friends whom you can’t see face to face very often. Like Sister Meg down there in Texas!

  3. Just talk. If you ever read mine, it’s about stuff. Whatever happens in my life. I usually blog about it. If I feel inspirational or snarky, that’s what I write. 😀
    Just write!

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