Whew! Done for another year.

Once again, tax time is done.  Right up front, I should tell you, I’m mathematically challenged.  It took me four semesters to learn two semesters of algebra…and that’s with my dad’s help.  So, for years, my taxes were done by someone else.  My mom, my ex-husband, my mom again until I met Lou.  Lou was actually TRAINED to taxes, so he was my “guy” for about 20 years.  But, Lou had the audacity to retire, (What!!??) and left me on my own.

Due to the fact that I’m both a nurse and a published writer, I have two incomes and expenditures to work on.  My good bud, Marilyn Pappano, who also writes, but she makes a living at it, encouraged me to try Turbo Tax.  May 1000 blessings fall down on you, my friend!

Thanks to Turbo Tax, I’ve managed to get my tax return filed on time.  And I even got nice refunds.  But when I looked over my return before I mailed them off, I can’t help but wondering how any untrained person possibly gets through the forms with help.  And despite it only being April 16, 2010, I’m already freaking out about next year.  Do you suppose if I promise the IRS that I will just send them 23% of all my income, they’ll let me skip filing each year?

Yeah, right!  That’s going’ happen.


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