Happy birthday to me!

  Yep, it’s my 65th birthday today.  When I was a kid, I never figured I’d live this long.  After all, 65 is sooo old!  Ha!  Now, I think 100 is old.

I’m at Conestoga, a local SF convention.  For my birthday, I treated myself to a weekend off from work.  By providence, my state tax return came in so I have money to buy to my heart’s content.  I won’t, but it’s nice to have it available.  I also ordered room service for breakfast.  What luxury. 

It’s time to go.  More stuff at the con and I’m on a panel this afternoon.  Happy birthday to me!  And many more.


One Response to Happy birthday to me!

  1. Paula Gorgas says:

    Happy Birthday, Jackie! And, yes, many, many more in good health 🙂

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