I’m not going to apologize for taking so long to blog again. I think we can just accept that I’ve been avoiding something that is important to my writing career. My old idea that all I have to do is write good books (which I do!) is totally unrealistic in this new world of digital publishing. Not gonna work!

So, I’m leaping in with both feet. A few years ago, I received the rights back on my first book, the one that was published as a Silhouette Desire. My title was CHRISTMAS BONUS since my heroine and hero made love after the office Christmas party and got a little “bonus” nine months later. Since the book came out in May, Desire changed the title to BABY BONUS and it made the USA Today Bestselling list.

It was published under the author name of Amanda Kramer, but Desire never bought another book from me. Meanwhile, my second and third book were sold to Hard Shell Word Factory with the author name of Jackie Kramer. Then, they published my time-travel novella and Mundania.com published my first S/F short story, also under Jackie Kramer. It dawned on me that I was basically selling stuff in a shotgun manner. I learned about branding, reader expectation, and tagging.

Yikes! I was running around like a sehlet with it’s head cut off. (A little Star Trek joke there.) So the first thing I did was get the rights back on BABY BONUS so I could retire the name Amanda Kramer. I had my name legally changed to Jackie Kramer (Got rid of the ex-husband’s name which few people could spell anyway!), and split my writing personas into Jackie Kramer for romance and J’Anne Kramer for my SF. At the same time, my SF short story went out of print, so I have the rights back on it. Now, I’ve got all my ducks in a row; I’m ready to go.

My plan is to switch my entire writing career to digital. I heard that! You’re groaning and saying, “Oh, geez, she’s going throw up any thing that she vomits out of her computer!”

Relax. In future blogs, I’ll be making you a partner in my journey. And we’re not going to miss a single professional step. You’ll be introduced to a crazy, exciting new world. Paraphrasing a great lady…Fasten your seatbelts. it’s gonna be a wild and bumpy ride!

See you next week!


  1. Marilyn says:

    Okay, Jackie, I know where you live AND work. If you don’t keep us informed here on at least a semi-regular basis, I’ll hunt you down.

    At least, once the temp drops below 100.

  2. That’s the plan, Marilyn. I’m going to journal my way through this new land, starting with my backlist.

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