Back in March, when I decided to fully retire, I started planning all aspects of my new life. Since some of my appliances were getting old, I decided to replace them while I was working.  My hours, bluntly, were the pits. Depending on the season, I might not get to bed until 3:00 or 4:00 AM and up just in time to go back to work. So I needed to adjust my life schedule to regular hours. And my writing schedule had become hit and miss totally. Not good.

So in the months prior to R-day, I bought what I needed, saved for the big stuff I didn’t have time to hunt for, and started re-arranging my budget. I had a list of things I wanted to do during retirement, but started feeling pressured at all the plans I made. The last two weeks were kind of hectic, so I decided I would give myself two weeks “off” to ease  into retirement. The only goals I set myself was to adjust my hours and write FIRST thing every morning.

Almost two weeks into retirement, I’ve only made one goal…my hours are adjusted. I now go to bed at midnight and up by 9:00 AM. These are my “normal” hours; these are the hours my body likes to function. I haven’t yet settled into my writing hours, but I HAVE written more than I had in the previous 6 months, so I’m not totally unhappy.

What wasn’t supposed to happen is the complete chaos my first 10 days of retirement. That wasn’t what I signed on for! Between running my car over a curb and doing $425 worth of damage to my right front tire and wheel and my washing machine dying, my financial plans had to be readjusted. And I didn’t take into account all the people who love me and wanted to celebrate my retirement.

Luckily, I have family who love me.  My brother took over the laundry I do for my father. My beautiful DIL took matters into her own hands and ran me around buying all the appliances I needed. Her motivation was the sooner these things were out to the way, the sooner I could get to writing. My awesome #1 son stayed in my house, awaiting delivery of my new recliner, and while he waited, decided to dust and vacuum my living room and hall as well as sweep and mop my kitchen floor. Are they awesome of what?

So maybe things are going exactly as I planned. After all, what is retirement really about? I now have the time to do things the way I want and WHEN I want. So maybe, this IS what I signed on for…life on my time schedule.


  1. Sharon Ervin says:

    Family can vex a person’s soul, then soothe the cockles of her heart. Kids wind up pretty well proving worthwhile, once you get through the grunt years. How do you think your washing machine got worn out? Jeans, honey. Loads and loads of Levis.

    • ladysuran1 says:

      Actually, Sharon, I haven’t washed Levis in years. It was a sock. It got caught in the clutch and burned it out. Since it would cost $350 to replace the clutch, I decided it was more cost effective to buy a new one.

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