Okay, new appliances bought and installed. Check! Plumbing needs noted and fixed. Check! Car in repair shop for long-planned repair. Check! Spending day catching up on home chores that got behind because of above chores. Check! Only thing left to do is finish setting up financial stuff and I’ll be ready to “start” my real retirement!

I guess I didn’t have a realistic idea of what retirement involved. Oh, I knew I still had my de-hoarding to do. I also knew I’d still have my house chores to do. But somehow, I had this dream that from day one I’d be writing in the morning with the afternoons spent with this other stuff. Too bad my plumber couldn’t/wouldn’t commit to that!

Oh, well, I AM getting closer! And I did get one thing done toward my new career. I got some new pro pictures made.  I haven’t decided which one to use, but thought I’d let you see all of them. What do you think?

2 Responses to ALMOST READY!

  1. Sharon Ervin says:

    Love all the pictures. They look like the cat that swallowed the canary, or finally broke free of earthly bonds. None of “the plumbing” delay shows.

  2. Judy Wallis says:

    The one on the right. Go Jackie go!!

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