88 years ago, David Scott Jones, Sr. was born and the world got an awesome guy. Okay, I’m a little prejudice since he’s my dad, but still, he’s pretty cool. I have so many memories of him and, if you’ll forgive me, I’m going to share a few.

On of my best memories is my daddy singing…especially in church. He was a natural tenor, not world-class, but strong and on key. He firmly believed when the Bible said “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”! When he began singing, anybody around him who was mumbling the song would smile and up their game, so to speak. Nothing like his joy in singing praise to God to pull everyone around him into the song.

Another thing I remember was his dancing. He actually is a great dancer…for waltzing and foxtrotting. After all, he didn’t grow up with rock and roll, but that’s the kind of dancing I wanted to do. And because I was socially delayed, he would often be my partner. Now he didn’t keep up with all the new steps; instead, he would stand on the dance floor, bounce around in rhythm, and just be there for me to dance around him.

Don’t want you to think he was perfect. He was a pack rat; probably what started on my hoarding though he wasn’t as bad as I am. He was also a very patient man; it took forever for something to aggravate him, but,  once he was provoked, you’d better duck. He would go up like a volcano…fast, furious, but short.

He has loved only two women and treated both of them like queens. As a Boy Scout leader, he provided mentoring to hundreds of young men. Even at this age, he’s willing to change; note the new beard! Happy birthday, daddy! And may we have many more!


  1. Love the beard! Glad Dave is feeling good and still smiling. I think of him so often with love. Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave! Love from Colleen

  2. Sharon Ervin says:

    What a lovely tribute written while he is still around to enjoy it. Did he chuckle and give you a big hug?

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