Who knew that going into retirement involved so much? I thought once I was retired, I would be able to just zip along and slide into a new routine. Uh, no! The first week alone, I was catching up on my sleep. I Didn’t even realize how tired I was. Then came the two weeks of setting up my finances, replacing appliances (which I admit I probably should have done while working), and setting up a new routine.

Believe it or not, I started to get some new writing done last week and realized it isn’t a good idea for me to sit in my new recliner and work from my laptop. In the first place, it’s too easy to fall asleep; my recliner is sooo comfy. Then there’s the matter of writing in a weird position on my laptop. Way too hard. So I decided since my writing is my new career, I’d do better to work at my desk. Only one problem…I couldn’t find my desktop. Here’s what my desk looked like last week.

Where’s the mouse???

To say the least,  I had some work to do. But now. my desk is all cleared off and I’m ready to work. Isn’t it pretty? My candle is ready to light. My music is to the right, all my Celtic CDs, and my paper stand clean ready to hold the next section I’ll be working on.

Full steam ahead!

Ready to write!

One Response to CLEAR THE DECKS!

  1. Sharon Ervin says:

    Anything to postpone confrontation with the keyboard. Ah, yes, familiar. The first draft for me is like drawing blood. I feel the pull in my chest as I write. Editing later is much easier, although writer friends tell me they’d rather go to Wal-Mart than edit. Composing itself is my challenge and almost anything––cleaning bathrooms––can lure me away. I am at 12,000 words of my w.i.p., on the road, but unable yet to see the destination. Your office looks great. Mine, not so good. I don’t dare unclutter. That might only be a diversion. Congratulations. What excuse are you going to use next?

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