Amanda Kramer BabyBonus 

Silhouette Desire:      1002 BABY BONUS

ISBN: 0-373-76002-7 May, 1996 



Jackie Kramer dd3pair


Hard Shell Word Factory   

BROKEN PLEDGE ISBN: 1-58200-109-X May, 1999

 COMING TO TERMS ISBN: 1-58200-611-3 November, 2000

DOUBLE DELIGHTS #3 (BROKEN PLEDGE & COMING TO TERMS) tradeback ISBN: 1-58200-109-X/0-7599-8868-X April, 2001


THE BRIDE-SEEKER (novella) MILLENIUM MAGIC ISBN: 1-58200-564-8 May, 2000


Queen’s Knight To Checkmate (short story) Arabella Romance Magazine April/May, 2004  



Learning Curve (SF short story) BEYOND THE MUNDANE:FLIGHTS OF MIND (anthology) Ed. Daniel J. Reitz May, 2004 




Five Star Expressions WARRIOR’S HEART ISBN: 1-59414-293-9 February, 2005

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